2011-2012 Season

The American Premiere of
an ÉRIU DANCE COMPANY production
conceived and directed by Breandán de Gallaí

September 6 - October 2, 2011



NOĊTÚ: nɒk tuː m. (gs. noċta). 1. Bare, strip, uncover.
2. Baring, exposure; disclosure, revelation; appearance.

Be taken by surprise by the potential and
boundless possibilities of Irish dance.

Choreographed and directed by Riverdance Principal Dancer Breandán de Gallaí, NOĊTÚ is a new departure for the Irish dance show genre. It pushes the boundaries of the Irish dance aesthetic and explores new expression possibilities. This performance allows the audience to get under the skin of those who perform in the dance world and allows us a glimpse of what matters to them.

NOĊTÚ … Exposed Dreams – Revealed Passions – Naked Truths.

NOĊTÚ is presented as part of Imagine Ireland,
Culture Ireland’s year of Irish arts in America in 2011.

Performance Schedule:  Tuesday – Saturday at 8pm; Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday at 3pm
Approximate Running Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes (no intermission)

Jack Anderson
Kyla Marsh
Peta Anderson Kienan Melino
Ellen Bonner Megan McElhatton
Orlagh Carty Ashlene McFadden
Joseph Comerford Nick O'Connell
Niamh Darcy Katrina O'Donnell
Gyula Glaser Aislinn Ryan
James Greenan
Callum Spencer


Artistic Team:
Conceived and Directed by Breandán de Gallaí
Original Music by
Joe Csibi
Costume Design Nikki Connor
Lighting Design
Michael O'Connor
Script Consultant Seán de Gallaí
Producer Ciaran O'Reilly
Production Stage Manager Caesar Arroyo

What The Critics Have To Say...

"NOT YOUR GRANDMOTHER'S RIVERDANCE. The often-inventive choreography and the eclectic use of music -- which ranges from Bjork to Stravinsky -- allows Noctu to appeal to a more diverse audience. The greatest pleasures of Noctu are to be derived when the spotlight is on principal dancer Callum Spencer. His first solo to hornpipe music by Sean O'Brien is A DAZZLING DISPLAY OF VIRTUOSIC FOOTWORK THAT SIGNALS A PRESENCE OF A MAJOR TALENT."

“Dancing like it should be. Irish dance director and choreographer BREANDAN DE GALLAI HAS CREATED ARGUABLY THE MOST CHALLENGING IRISH DANCE WORK EVER SEEN ON A NEW YORK STAGE. Noctu, which means stripped or laid bare in Irish, sweeps away everything before it in a work that breaks all the rules. It is the most amibitious Irish dance work I have ever seen. IT WILL STARTLE YOU WITH ITS BRILLIANCE. NOCTU IS AN ASTOUNDING WORK AND IT BODES VERY WELL FOR HIS FUTURE AS A VISIONARY CHOREOGRAPHER. What is truly remarkable about this show is that it has somehow managed to reach past the rule-bound 19th century Irish dancing tradition to a much more ancient and atavistic thrum of Ireland itself. DE GALLAI HAS DONE SOMETHING FEW IRISH ARTISTS EVER ACCOMPLISH. HE MARRIED THE PAST AND PRESENT IN A WAY THAT IS RECOGNIZABLE AND AUTHENTIC.
Irish Voice

"The production is an odd hybrid, but it works. It reminds us that we live in a cosmopolitan world, with a "shuffle" option on music from all kinds of times and places. The dancers of Noctú give motion and a physical charge to this mix with the tools they have, and from this perspective, the show makes sense. The small-scale Irish Repertory Theatre is a great space to watch it from up close. Questions of tradition, modernity or post-modernity aside, at its most basic level, NOĊTÚ OFFERS A CHANCE TO APPRECIATE THE BEAUTY OF THE HUMAN FIGURE IN THE RAPTURE OF A PERFECT MOVEMENT.

"I just saw the most incredible performance -- the kind of thing that completely takes you out of your head. Sitting four rows back the intensity of the performances (an unbelievable 17 dances by 16 dancers) left me exhausted and elated and almost weak from emotion. I am not an expert on dance, so I know not of what I write, but I found myself so moved by the experience that I had to try and express it. Go and see for yourself. THE TALENT, THE BEAUTY, THE STAMINA, THE LOVE OF DANCE, ALL SHINE THROUGH. NOĊTÚ PAYS HOMAGE TO IRISH DANCE AND TRADITION AND YET IT IS ITS OWN NEW THING. AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL." Irish Central

"From the moment the first solo begins, the show takes on a new life with brave choreography that dares to move beyond the traditional Irish requirements. The soft-shoe dances take on a more modern and balletic feel involving the arms and upper-body movement. The hard shoe dances are also innovative, with interesting, multifaceted rhythms made possible by freedom from perfectly crossed feet and eight repetitive bars of Irish music. THE ENERGY AND POUNDING RHYTHM OF THESE CHAMPIONSHIP IRISH DANCERS WILL LEAVE YOU PULSING IN RHYTHM AND WANTING MORE."
Show Business


photos by Carol Rosegg and Declan English












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